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In order to bring the 1884 Market House to life, Morningstar is offering nearly 150 spaces for vendors at an absolute bargain price of just $1 per square foot! A 10′ x 10′ space in a spotlessly clean building with lots of natural light, air conditioning, heat, electric, restroom facilities, and staff to handle questions and purchases is just $100! You can run your own business for just $100 per month all inclusive. THIS OFFER CAN’T BE BEATEN!

“We are looking for a unique blend of ordinary people doing extraordinary things,” Morningstar pointed out. “The Waynesboro area has an amazing diversity of talents.”

He added that the 1884 Market House will be fully staffed six days a week allowing vendors the option on whether they need to be on hand to shop keep. Morningstar also explained that the door is open to vendors outside of those that specialize in vintage, collectibles and art, acknowledging that there is plenty of room for folks who love reclaimed and repurposed merchandise, the potters wheel, home décor and even handmade artisan soaps and fresh flowers.

We are also aggressively looking for a coffee shop with some fresh baked goods too. “I consider brewers, distillers and wineries artisans as well,” Morningstar said.

For information on how to reserve space at the 1884 Market House, contact Harry Morningstar at (717) 387-5696.